Garden Hose Reels – Metal


Metal nursery hose reels are the absolute heaviest obligation garden hose reels available. They are by and large made from one or the other aluminum or steel and can be wall mounted or put on the ground. Some have plans to work on the general style of your yard and others are plan principally for usefulness. For instance, some metal nursery hose reels are made in a truck like model and have wheels so you can without much of a stretch move through you garden. The most compelling thing to search for in a metal nursery hose reel is one that won’t rust. A rust forestalling hose rack or reel is vital component while looking for the ideal hose rack or reel.


Freedom Nursery Items 698 Multi-Reason “4 out of 1” Wheel Truck


This 13 measure steel 2 wheeled truck can hold up to 200 feet of 5/8 inch hose and 250 feet of 1/2 inch hose. This is ideal for the enormous nursery that expects you to stroll around while watering and it even accompanies a hardened steel bushel for ptfe hose with ss braiding manufacturer   other cultivating instruments. The more famous element of this metal hose truck is the way that is can be wall mounted as well as ground. It accompanies excited apparatuses to present to you the best rust assurance. You can feel the nature of this when you stroll around holding the 1 inch steel outline handle.


Reelcraft Spring Driven Hose Reel


This wall mounted rack is essentially support free and is worked with a novel racket framework to permit you to stroll around your nursery easily. At the point when you are prepared to end your cultivating meeting the racket framework will naturally and helpfully reel in your hose. The spring driven metal nursery hose reel can hold up to practically all acids and won’t erode under typical conditions. You will actually want to hold 50 feet of 1/2 inch hose with this reel.


Metal reels will be the most grounded you can fellow and by and large last the longest. They are consistently a wise venture and can here and there endure forever. They are a strong speculation.

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